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TCE Kids Cross-Fit Club

Fourth and Fifth grade students will have an opportunity to join the kids cross-fit club before school.

We will meet every Thursday morning from 7:45 until 8:30.  If you miss 3 or more days/sessions for any reason, your spot will be forfeited to accommodate other students who wish to join.  The club will begin on September 7th.  The club will be opened to the first 15 students who turn in their completed form!

The club will go year around.  Students will meet rain or shine.  We will be discussing and learning the long-term benefits of exercise, nutrition tips and keeping an all-around healthy body through fun and exciting types of exercise.

We are going to have a great time while taking care of our bodies!

Student Contract

I agree to attend all of the mornings and to be respectful to others.


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I agree to have my children dropped off on time and allow my student to attend all of the mornings.


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Please include a number where you can receive texts.  I will put out a group text if I have to cancel last minute or if there is a special event (Kor Komplex).


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