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Name: __________________________ Classroom Teacher: _______________ Parent Signature ____________________________________________________
Email Address ______________________________________________________ Cell phone # for Texting ______________Home #/2nd cell # ________________ Why do you want to be in drama club?
_____________________________________________________________________ What qualities, skills, and habits do you possess that you believe will make you a drama club member? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ If you get a speaking part, you will not be able to go to any other clubs on drama club days (see schedule) because it is impossible to rehearse a scene with people missing. Also, appointments should be scheduled on non-drama days. Will this be a problem for you? Circle YES or NO. Please realize that not everyone will get a speaking part. Will you still participate and be part of the stage crew if you don’t get a speaking part or will you not want to be in drama club unless you get a speaking part? _________________________________________________________________________________ Please list any other plays/musicals you have been in, where these were held at, and the year performed:
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever participated in a drama camp anywhere?
_________________________________________________________________________________ Please list other clubs/sports/activities you are in this year: (include those at Twin Chimneys and elsewhere). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please check all of the following that apply: ____ A major speaking role ____ A minor speaking role ____ An extra – on stage in costume but no speaking parts ____ Stage crew – stage manager, prop manager ____ Sets and scenery building ____ Make up artist