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Newspaper Club – 2017-2018

(Pioneer Press, Junior)

When? Thursday Afternoons 3:40-5:00

and 3:40-5:15 on publishing days (see schedule)

Where? TCE Rooms 38 and 16 (Mr. Staudt’s room/the Computer Lab)

Who? 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders

In Newspaper Club, we will develop journalistic skills by reporting on important events happening at Twin Chimneys.  Students will be reporters, writers, editors, publishers, and distributors.  During the year, there will be a mix of required articles (such as an interview, survey, or school event report) and article topics that the club members believe will be of interest to the school community. Students who love to write, type, work on a deadline, meet new people, attend school functions, and can communicate their ideas clearly through writing will enjoy this club. Newspaper Club is open to third through fifth graders.

Please contact Mr. Staudt with any questions.


Newspaper Club – Mr. Staudt

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