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LEGO Robotics Club – 2017-2018

(Technology Students’ Association)

When? Tuesday Afternoons (3:40-5:15) (See Schedule)

Where? TCE Room Computer Lab in Room 16 and/or Room 14

Who? 4th and 5th Graders

In T.S.A., students will be introduced to the LEGO Education robotics systems, where they will build and program LEGO robots.  

In the beginning level, a heavy emphasis is placed on learning the ins and outs of the LEGO MINDSTORMS software used to program a LEGO robot.  We will use a basic robot during the first semester so that we can practice programming skills as we learn them.

In the advanced level, we will build on previous experiences in programming and building to take our LEGO experience to the next level.

Please contact Mr. Staudt with any questions.


T.S.A. Application – Mr. Staudt

Name:___________________________ Grade:_____________ Teacher:__________________________

Parent’s Name:______________________________________________

Parent’s E-mail:_____________________________________________

Parent’s Signature:___________________________________________

Have you taken part in a STEM camp focused on robotics?       YES     NO

If yes, when and where?_______________________________________

Rate your LEGO Mindstorm software experience:   Beginner    Experienced

In your opinion, what best describes your LEGO Robotics experience:


Unfortunately, there are not many spots available in this club.  Priority will be given based on prior club membership and a student’s experience with LEGO Robotics.